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Celebrate Arts! Upper School Musical: "The Prom" debuts Friday, March 8, 2024

Michael Robinson

Michael Robinson experienced the joys of Poly Arts before he became Head of Arts in 2018. He knew the excitement of Lower School students stepping onto the stage for their first time, the collaborative process of designing costumes for Upper School musicals, and the thrill of Middle School students exhibiting their work with New York-style gallery openings on the Dyker Heights campus.

Robinson, who earned a BA at Bennington College and an MFA at Goddard College, began his teaching career at the Woodward Park School (now Poly’s Lower School) in 1990 as a drama and art teacher. In 1996, he moved to the Dyker Heights campus as a visual and performing arts teacher for Grades 5-8, Performing Arts Camp director for Grades K-6, and costume designer and shop supervisor for Middle and Upper School productions. Designing costumes evolved into a contemporary fiber art practice resulting in Robinson’s artistic recognition as an internationally exhibited fiber artist with his work showcased in Rome Art Week 2019 and in numerous museum and gallery exhibitions. His work wowed audiences of the 2021 Met Gala where he designed a custom gown for Broadway producer Jordan Roth.

“A vibrant and contemporary arts education is essential to helping our students succeed as critical thinkers and global citizens.”

Michael Robinson
Michael Robinson Arts

In 2000, Michael moved to Baltimore to work at the Bryn Mawr School, advancing to serve as eventually as Director of Arts, a senior administrative role. He returned to Poly in 2018 as Head of Arts. Working with arts faculty, he has taken a hands-on approach to ensuring Poly’s vibrant arts departments are elevated. Original works by students adorn the hallways of both campuses. In the theater hallway, photos of students and crew from each production are front and center along with original poster art designed by students. The caliber of drama and musical performances amaze and delight our entire community. He has also expanded Poly’s reach into the professional community through the school’s partnerships with institutions such as The Brooklyn Museum, The Elizabeth Streb studio, and Poly’s artist-in-residence program, among others. These relationships afford Poly students a unique opportunity to see themselves as artists. 

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